Have a look at all of our amazing choirs performing at Best of Show!

(Alphabetical by school)


Aberdeen "eagle express"

Directors - Susan Appl, Melledy Rostad, and Jenna Hansen; Choreographer - Kevin Chase

Eagle Express consists of 54 students from grades 9-12, 14 instrumentalists and 2 crew members.  Members are not only extremely busy musicians but also involved in drama, debate, athletics, Student Senate, oral interp, and various clubs.  Eagle Express would like to thank their parents and the Aberdeen community for their constant support.  Eagle Express is under the direction of Susan Appl and Melledy Rostad.  The band is directed by Melledy Rostad and Jenna Hansen.  Choreographer is Kevin Chase.


  1. I Want It All/Famous (Solos: Kenissa Ross & Rawley Moore) 
  2. It’s My Turn Now/Camera Lens (Solo: Kenissa Ross) 
  3. One Way or Another/Somebody’s Watching Me 
  4. Every Breath You Take/Paparazzi (solos: Rawley Moore & Kenissa Ross) 
  5. Run, Girl, Run 


aberdeen "special request"

Directors - Susan Appl, Jenna Hansen, and Melledy Rostad; Choreographer - Kevin Chase

Special Request, the women’s group from Aberdeen Central, consists of 38 members from grades 9-12, 12 instrumentalists, and 2 crew members.  They will perform “I’m A Star & On My Way”, “Born to Entertain,” “If I Own Today,” and “Sissy That Walk with Cover Girl.”  Special Request would like to thank their parents and the Aberdeen community for their tremendous support of the show choir program.  Special Request is under the direction of Susan Appl and Jenna Hansen.  The band is directed by Jenna Hansen and Melledy Rostad.  Choreographer is Kevin Chase. 


  1. I’m A Star/On My Way (Solo: Hannah Gasperich)
  2. Born to Entertain 
  3. If I Own Today (Solo: Sophia Powell)
  4. Sissy That Walk/Cover Girl 


bellevue east "east in harmony"

Director - Marjorie Simons-Bester; Assistant Director - Riley Herringer; Choreographers - Riley Herringer and Matt Watson

East in Harmony is one of two show choirs at Bellevue East High School. All of the vocalists in East in Harmony are members of East High Singers, Mixed Chorus, or Freshman Chorale. This select ensemble rehearses twice a week, and is open by audition to freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. East in Harmony will compete in four Midwestern based area contests this year. Those contests include the UNO Show Choir Festival, the South Omaha Classic, Islander Invitational, and the Sioux Falls Washington Best of Show.  This group will also perform in exhibition at the Blair Show Choir Workshop and the Bellevue Public Schools Show Choir Night. We are delighted to perform for you today!    


  1. Better Together (Solo:  Liberty Horner)
  2. Feel It Still 
  3. See You Again 
  4. Brand New You 


bellevue east "take ii"

Director - Marjorie Simons-Bester; Choreographer - Matt Watson

Take II is one of two show choirs at Bellevue East High School. All of the vocalists in Take II are members of a large choral ensemble, as well. Take II rehearses daily for 51 minutes. The group presents numerous school related concerts each year, as well as performing at various community functions.    This select ensemble is open by audition to sophomores, juniors and seniors. Take II will compete in six Midwestern based area contests this year. Those contests include the Peru State College Show Choir Festival, Millard West Music Lives, NCDA Show Choir Festival, South Omaha Classic, Islander Invitational, and Best of Show. This group will also perform in exhibition at the Blair Show Choir Workshop and the Bellevue Public Schools Show Choir Night. We are delighted to perform for you today! 


  1. Believer (Solo: Molly Sorensen)
  2. Boogie Oogie Oogie 
  3. Light from “Next To Normal” (Solos: Molly Sorensen, Rebecca Noble, Payton Jurgens, Ryan Karl)
  4. Gone, Gone, Gone (Solo: Kenny Duke)
  5. Chained to the Rhythm (Solo: Nebtom N’Da)


chamberlain "River City Groove"

Director - Jesse Dunaway; Choreographers - Mariah Koenig, Darynn Burke, Collin Powell, Justin Solberg

As Chamberlain High Schools most requested vocal group, River City Groove is the proud to return the Best of Show competition. The group prides itself on striving for quality choral sound and bringing innovative choreography designed by leaders in the choir itself. River City Groove is proud to present its 2019 show "Unstoppable" 


  1. Feet Don't Fail Me Now 
  2. Drag Me Down (Solo: David Newton) 
  3. Uprising
  4. I Won't Give Up (Solos: Hadley Tichy, Breckin Steilen)
  5. Fighter  (Solo: Kathrinn Hopkins)


emmetsburg "high voltage"


groton "prismatic sensations"

Directors - Cody Swanson & Sanessa Lindemann; Band - Ron Parker & Austin Fordham; Choreographer - Kyle Aiden

The Groton Area High School “Prismatic Sensations” is a group of students ranging from ninth to twelfth grade. With 21 voices on stage, and 14 tech and pit crew members, we strive to create the ultimate show to keep our audience at the edge of their seats, wanting more! Our show consists of Illusion of Life (Soloist: Tylan Glover), Outcast (Soloist: Madeline Schuelke), What About Us?/People Like Us (Soloist: Ashley Fliehs), Beautiful Things/Stand in the Light (Soloist: Madeline Schuelke), and Raise You Up/Just Be/Born This Way (Soloist: Alexis Hanten). Grateful for the love from our friends and family, and support from the community, we hope you enjoy our show as much we enjoy performing it! It’s only when we look past the illusion and chaos of the world, that we are able to discover who we truly are. Find yourself. Be yourself. And surround yourself with those who celebrate the beautiful, imperfectly perfect you!   


  1. Illusion of Life (Solo: Tylan Glover)
  2. Outcast (Solo: Madeline Schuelke)
  3. What About Us?/People Like Us (Solo: Ashley Fliehs) 
  4. Beautiful Things/Stand in the Light (Solo: Madeline Schuelke) 
  5. Raise You Up/Just Be/Born This Way (Solo: Alexis Hanten)


Harrisburg "Tiger tones"

Directors - Elizabeth Gould, Kami Rasmusson, Austin Schoenbeck; Choreographer - Austin Schoenbeck

Tiger Tones from Harrisburg High School in Harrisburg South Dakota is in their third year of existence as a co-ed show choir. Tiger Tones is comprised of 32 singer and dancers, and a show band. The 2018/19 show “Be As You Are” encompasses the idea of individuality, it is okay to be yourself and to not let others tell you differently.  This year, Tiger Tones will be competing at Roosevelt, Vermillion, Sioux City East, Washington, and Mitchell. Along with hosting their own invitational February 9th, Harrisburg’s “Stars on Stage” middle school show choir competition. Tiger Tones is directed by Elizabeth Gould, Kami Rasmusson & Austin Schoenbeck and choreographed by Austin Schoenbeck. The team would like to thank their friends and family for the love and support as this program grows. 


  1. I Lived (Ballet solo - Madeline McElroy)
  2. Larger Than Life (Solos: Terran Thomas, Lexi May, Evelynn Ducheneaux)
  3. Be As You Are (Solo: Carter Jackson)
  4. I Won't (Solos: Sky King, Kaci Kennedy, Kylie Hoback)
  5. High Hopes 


North union "kinetic fusion"

Director - David Sponder; Choreographer - Jordan Webster-Moore

Kinetic Fusion is the premier show choir at North Union High School. Comprised of students in grades 9-12, these students are actively involved in a number of extra-curricular activities. This year’s show illustrates the emotion and feelings of struggling with mental health. Their hope is to shine a greater light on the topic of mental health and encourage anyone who is struggling to reach out to someone they love. Kinetic Fusion is extremely excited to be performing today and would like to wish the best of luck to the other groups performing! 


  1. All My Life (Solo: Kayla Sabin)
  2. Could Have Been Me (Solo: Shawna Person)
  3. Flight  
  4. Move (Keep Walkin') 


o'gorman "Ovation!"

Directors - Lindsey Ussery and Ben Koch; Choreographer - Melanie Walters

Ovation! is the auditioned 9-12 varsity show choir at O’Gorman High School in Sioux Falls, SD.  This year Ovation! will be competing at Papillion LaVista South, Ralston, Elkhorn South, Waconia, Sioux City East, and Sioux Falls Washington High School.  Ovation! made finals at two competitions last year, earning third runner up at Vermillion Rhythm in Red and Sioux Falls Washington Best of Show, along with People’s Choice.  Ovation! would like to thank their family, friends, band, tech, and the SFCS community for their love and support.  Ovation! is choreographed by Melanie Walters, and is directed by Lindsey Ussery and Ben Koch.  “Welcome to our fairytale.” 


  1. True Love’s Kiss (Solos: Halie Mueller and Marvin Moser)
  2. Happy Together
  3. Tainted Love (Solos: Julia Baker and Matt Meyer)
  4. Someone to Fall Back On (Solo: Ethan Dingman)
  5. Something Just Like This/Everlasting Love (Solo:  Adam Catangui)


omaha north "explosion!"

Director - David Purdham; Choreographers - James Mankle and Sam Vazzano

“Explosion!” from Omaha North High Magnet School was founded in 1996 and is currently directed by David Purdham and choreographed by James Mankle and Sam Vazzano. In addition to an intense rehearsal schedule during the fall, “Explosion!” singers are members of several other performing ensembles and extra-curricular activities throughout North High School. Explosion! also hosts their own Viking Cup Show Choir Invitational each year. This year Explosion! will compete at Gretna High School, Ralston High School, Elkhorn South High School, Omaha South High School, NCDA at Omaha Skutt High School and Sioux Falls Washington High School. Explosion! is excited for their upcoming year! 


  1. Faceoff 
  2. Eye On It (Solo: Sage Kehr)
  3. One Last Prayer 
  4. Fire
  5.  Defy the Odds (Solo: Imani Lamar) 


sioux falls roosevelt "capitol harmony"

Director - John Parezo, Band Director - Tasondra Huyck; Choreographer - Tara Tober

Capitol Harmony is the advanced women’s show choir at Roosevelt High School in Sioux Falls, SD. Last year, the team was awarded two first runner-up and three grand champion placements in the unisex division. They also earned a fifth runner-up and a second runner-up placement in evening finals performances. They were also excited to earn a people’s choice and an outstanding soloist award. This year, Capitol Harmony competed at Papillion-La Vista South, Omaha South, Vermillion, and is excited to finish their season here at Sioux Falls Washington. Capitol Harmony would like to thank all of our families for their support and our band, tech, and “Secret Service” for all of their help and hard work! 


  1. History Has Its Eye On You/Our Time is Now  (Solo: Annika Svenningsen)
  2. (Let's Start) Tomorrow Tonight  (Solos: Kaylee Frye & Shelby Wright)
  3. Watch Me Soar  (Solo: Elliana Mulhair)
  4. Step in Time 
  5. Coming to You  (Solo: Halie Kruid)
  6. Nothin' But a Good Time 


sioux falls roosevelt "executive suite"


sioux falls roosevelt "Rider REvolution"

Directors - Randi Van Der Sloot, Robyn Starks Holcomb, and John Parezo; Choreographers - Mike Weaver

Rider Revolution is the all new mixed prep group at Roosevelt High School in Sioux Falls, SD. We are in our first year of existence and we are excited to perform our show for you today! Rider Revolution is comprised of thirty-four freshman and sophomore men and women with an amazing ten-member band. They rehearse two to three hours a week in the evenings along with a 25 minute daily rehearsal. Rider Revolution wishes all of the groups the best of luck today and gives a big “thank you” to all our parents and supporters! 


  1. Shadows of the Night
  2. Imagine (Solo: Abby Turner)
  3. Overcomer (Solos: Lauren Gray, Gavin Poust)
  4. Love Can Move Mountains (Solo: Evan Kuenzi)