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(Alphabetical by school)


Emmetsburg "Evolution"


Harrisburg south "Illuminations"

Director - Kerry Reuer; Band - Emily Steigal; Choreographer - Emily Mangera

Illumination, from Harrisburg South Middle School is comprised of 40 singers and dancers. They are under the direction of Kerry Reuer. Illuminations is accompanied by a 5-member show band under the direction of Emily Stiegal.  This year’s show, choreographed by Emily Mangera, follows the emotional journey through the audition process featuring the songs Under Pressure, Golden Slumbers/Carry that Weight, I’m Still Standing, and Faith. Illuminations would like to thank all their family and friends who help make this year possible.


  1. Under Pressure 
  2. Golden Slumers/Carry That Weight (Solo: Baylee Kelzer)
  3. I'm Still Standing (Solo: Katelyn Christopherson)
  4. Faith (Solos: Natalie Inskeep and Hannah Pierson)


Memorial "signature"

Director - Kathy Sundvold, John Laughlin; Choreographer - Brady Boerema

Signature is under the direction of Kathy Sundvold. The Signature Vocal ensemble is an auditioned group consisting of 7th and 8th grade students. Signature rehearses two hours each week in preparation for their performances.  Our school’s motto “Learning to Serve” is our emphasis as we perform throughout the community for various organizations, retirement communities, schools and sporting events. This year’s theme is Dreaming for Our Future. Our performance today includes Don’t Stop Me Now, I Just Wanna Be Happy, A Million Dreams, Larger Than Life and Can’t Stop Dancin’. Best of Luck to all the show choirs competing today! 


  1. A Million Dreams (Excerpt) (Speaker: Sanjeev Shyam) (Solo: Raelyn Stovall)
  2. Don't Stop Me Now 
  3. I Just Wanna Be Happy 
  4. A Million Dreams (Solo: Lainey Vandewater and Brynlee Hanson, Guitar Feature - Landon Weis)
  5. Larger Than Life (Solos: Ireland Sperle, Treyson Harty-Olsen and Josephine Johnson)
  6. Can't Stop Dancin' 


mitchell "Exclamation"

Director - Anna Heeren; Choreographers - Liz Fossum and Trinity Schroeder

Exclamation is an all girls group comprised of 6th-8th graders. They rehearse twice a week before school. Many of these girls are proud to be involved in numerous extracurricular activities. They wish the best of luck to each group performing today and hope are excited to share their music! 


  1. How Far I'll Go (Solo: Kate Ahlers)
  2. Rockin' Robin 
  3. Breakaway 
  4. Party In the U.S.A. 


mitchell "maximum velocity"

Director - Anna Heeren; Choreographers - Diana Johnson and Jamison Gross

Maximum Velocity is comprised for 6-8th grade boys and 7-8th grade girls. They rehearse Monday and Wednesday mornings before school. Maximum Velocity is grateful for the opportunity to perform and share their music with you!  


  1. Thunder
  2. Singin' In the Rain
  3. I Got the Sun in the Morning
  4. Seasons of Love (Solos: Jurzee Gregg and Cruze Allhiser)
  5. Brighter than the Sun (Solo: Logan Culhane)


north union "sound in motion"

Director - David Sponder; Choreographer - Jordan Webster-Moore

Sound in Motion is the premier show choir at North Union Middle School. Comprised of students in grades 7-8, these students are actively involved in a number of extra-curricular activities. Sound in Motion is excited to be performing at Spirit Lake, Emmetsburg and Sioux Falls Washington. Sound in Motion thanks all their parents, friends and teachers for their continued support and wishes the best of luck to all groups performing! 


  1. Believer (Solo: Faith Steinberger)
  2. Stand in the Light (Solos: Brynn Tirevold, Abby Rezac)
  3. Drag Me Down  


O'Gorman "innovation"

Directors - Lindsey Ussery and Heather Nelson; Choreographers - Lindsey Ussery, Adam Catangui, Sally Lokolong, Luke Humke, and Faith Rogers

Innovation is the 7-8 show choir at O’Gorman Jr. High in Sioux Falls, SD.  Innovation is made up of over 65 singers who rehearse two mornings a week from 7:15-7:55 from October-March.  This year Innovation is excited to be traveling to two competitions, Sioux City East “Sing All About It” and Sioux Falls Washington “Best of Show” along with performing on their Elementary Tour, and the Final Friends and Family Show.  Innovation would like to thank their friends, family, and the SFCS community for their continuous support; best of luck to all groups competing today!


  1. Don't Stop Me Now (Solo: Mrnal Parameswaran)
  2. Stand By Me (with Lean On Me)
  3. Love Runs Out (Solo: Cece Bender)


patrick henry "city lights"

Director - Jennifer Spencer; Choreographers - Taysia Aasen, Riley Salzman

City Lights is an auditioned ensemble of 7th and 8th graders that rehearses one morning a week for 75 minutes.  In addition to performing at Best of Show each year, City Lights enjoys performing for community events, Stampede games, concerts, and our annual tour to elementary schools. 


  1. Kyrie 
  2. Will You Be There? (Solo: Atong Nomar)
  3. Light in the Hallway
  4. Life Is a Highway/Drive My Car
  5. It’s My Life


patrick henry "treblemakers"

Director - Jennifer Spencer; Choreographers - Ryan Bartel, Bri Brumfield

TrebleMakers is an auditioned 6th grade ensemble in its 5th year of existence.  This 40 member ensemble rehearses one morning a week for 75 minutes.  In recent years, TrebleMakers has enjoyed performing at a Stampede game in addition to Best of Show and concerts. 


  1. Turn the World Around
  2. Sisi ni moja 
  3. O, Colored Earth
  4. We Are Family
  5. We’re All in This Together


whittier "special edition"

Director - Kaye Waltner; Choreographer - Austin Schoenbeck; Assistant Choreographer - Ryan Bartel

Special Edition, from Whittier Middle School in Sioux Falls SD is a select group that features 7th and 8th graders that consists of 40 members. They rehearse 2 mornings a week. They are under the direction of Kaye Waltner, and choreographed by Austin Schoenbeck and Ryan Bartel. This season Special Edition will be competing at Harrisburg Stars on Stage, and Washington’s Best of Show. Other performances this spring include a Road Show to our feeder elementary schools in Sioux Falls. Special Editions’ 2019 show, shares a positive message in their selections which include “The World is Ours”, “Sing”, “Stand in the Light”, and “Come Alive”. Special Edition is excited to perform for you tonight and hopes you enjoy their show, “The World is Ours.” 


  1. The World is Ours (Solo: Jack Hinrichs)
  2. Sing (Solos: Grace Lien, Alannah Coster, Aric Wilcox)  
  3. Stand in the Light (Solos: Alex Strawn, Nataly DonisJuarez, Amber Oakland)
  4. Come Alive


Check out our awesome jazz choirs performing at Best of Show!

(Alphabetical order by group name)


Aberdeen "vocal nation"

Director - Chris Jacobson

Vocal Nation is the treble voiced vocal jazz group at Aberdeen Central High School.  The group consists of fourteen singers ranging from freshmen to seniors.  The singers are selected through a competitive three part audition process.  Vocal Nation is accompanied by Ron Parker on keys, Josh Hellwig on set, and Justin Desens on bass.  The members of Vocal Nation are extremely busy with various activities including show choir, dance, oral interp, drama, debate, swimming, and jazz band.  In the past, Vocal Nation has earned Superior Ratings and Outstanding Soloist Awards.  In addition to Best of Show, Vocal Nation will perform at the University of Mary Jazz Festival, SDSU Jazz Festival, and will host Center Stage Show Choir and Vocal Jazz Invitational.  Vocal Nation would like to thank their families, friends, community members, and school administration for the constant support year after year.  


  1. All the Cats Join In - arr. Kirby Shaw (Solo: Jayda Hunstad)
  2. Chasin' the Sun - arr. Kerry Mars (Solos: Madeline Orr, Sam Pharris, and Hannah Gasperich)
  3. Birdland - arr. Paris Rutherford (Solos: Kasey Tobin, Jen Appl, and Miranda Wangler)


aberdeen "vox 19"

Director - Chris Jacobson

Vox 19 is the premiere vocal jazz ensemble at Aberdeen Central High School.  The group consists of twelve singers ranging from sophomores to seniors.  The singers are selected through a competitive three part audition process.  Vox 19 is accompanied by Ron Parker on keys, Josh Hellwig on set, and Justin Desens on bass.  It is a mission of ours to explore various forms of vocal jazz music.  The members of Vox 19 are extremely busy with various other activities including show choir, dance, oral interp, drama, football, tennis, and swimming.        In the past, Vox 19 has consistently earned Superior Ratings, Outstanding Vocal Jazz Ensemble Awards, 1st Place finishes, and Outstanding Soloist Awards.  Vox 19 has had the opportunity to learn from jazz professionals such as Darmon Meader, Kim Nazarian, Jennifer Parker, and Matt Falker.  This year Vox 19 will perform at the SD-ACDA Mid-Winter Conference, University of Mary Jazz Festival, SD Music In-Service Conference, SDSU Jazz Festival, and here at Sioux Falls Washington’s Best of Show.     Vox 19 would like to thank their families, friends, community members, and school administration for the constant support year after year. 


  1. Since You Been Gone - arr. Anders Edenroth & Emma Nilsdotter (Solo: Deryn Lewis)
  2. I'll Be Seeing You - arr. Phil Mattson
  3. Don't you worry 'bout a thing - Darmon Meader (Solo: Kenissa Ross and Deryn Lewis )


bellevue east "E St. jazz"

Director - Marjorie Simons-Bester

E St. Jazz is the varsity vocal jazz choir, which is open by audition to students in grades 9-12.  All of the vocalists in E St. Jazz are members of one of our large choral ensembles. This ensemble rehearses after school two days a week. During the first semester, the ensemble sings on two department-sponsored concerts and gives several performances around the community during the holiday season.  During the second semester, the group will have selected performances at festivals around the region as well as District Music Contest, and the Bellevue East Pops Concert. Those festivals include the NCDA Vocal Jazz Choir Festival, and the SMV Real Group Festival. We are delighted to share our love of vocal jazz with you today.  


  1. A Day in the Life of a Fool (Solo: Manni Seffron)
  2. I’ll Be Seeing You 
  3. A Sleepin’ Bee 


Brookings "nothing but treble"

Director - Laura Hummel

NBT is the Brookings High School all-female vocal jazz group. This group is comprised of girls in grades 9-12 who are selected by audition. They rehearse 2 times each week outside the school day from December through May. This year they will perform at Concordia, the SDSU Optimist Jazz Fest, Brookings Flood of Jazz, BHS Spring and Pops Concerts, and they are excited to be back at Best of Show! 


  1. Peroxide Swing 
  2. The Way You Look Tonight 
  3. Sinkin' Soon 


Brookings "smooth spectrum"

Director - Denise Perry

Smooth Spectrum is the original mixed vocal jazz group from Brookings High School. Students are in grades 10-12, and were selected by audition.  They started rehearsing in December, and meet 2 times each week outside of the school day. Their first performance was in Bismarck at the U Mary Jazz Fest. Additionally, they will perform at Concordai, in a concert with the top SWCC vocal jazz group, the SDSU Optimist Jazz Fest, the Brookings Flood of Jazz, and BHS Spring and Pops Concerts. Smooth Spectrum is always pumped for the chance to perform at Best of Show! 


  1. New Day
  2. A Nightengale Sang in Berekley Square
  3. Devil May Care 


Brookings "swing republic"

Director - Kathy Winghart

Swing Republic is the newest vocal jazz group at Brookings High School. Auditions were held in December, and this mixed group includes singers in grades 9-12.  They rehearse 2 times each week outside the school day. In addition to Best of Show, they will perform at Concordia, the SDSU Optimist Jazz Fest, Brookings Flood of Jazz, and the BHS Spring and Pops Concerts.  Swing Republic would like to thank the organizers making Best of Show such a terrific event! 


  1. Hallelujah I Love Him So
  2. We Kiss in the Moonlight from "The King and I" 
  3. Fly Me to the Moon


Madison "Mad voices"

Director - Jenn Richards

The MadVoices from Madison, South Dakota is an auditioned group of 16 men and women ranging in age from freshman to senior. MadVoices rehearses once a week for 2 hours. Performances this year include: Region II Solo/Ensemble contest in Sioux Falls, SD, Coyote Jazz Festival in Vermillion, SD, Optimist Jazz Festival in Brookings, SD, The REAL Group Festival in Creston, IA as well as today’s Best of Show! Additionally, MadVoices enjoys performing during the Holiday season for community events and at Madison Elementary School. MadVoices loves making music together and feels fortunate to have such supportive parents and friends. We are happy to be here and grateful to our hosts for allowing us this opportunity. We look forward to seeing and hearing all of the other choirs and wish all of you the best! 


  1. You Make Me Feel So Young 
  2. Nature Boy 
  3. Superstition 


new tech "Encore"

Director - Pam Green

Encore is an auditioned group from New Technology High School in Sioux Falls.  Encore is in its third year of existence and is composed of sophomores through seniors.  These students meet every day of the week and participate in numerous vocal opportunities throughout the region. 


  1. Voice Dance by Greg Jasperse, 
  2. Autumn Leaves arranged by Ryan O'Connell 
  3. White Winter Hymnal arranged by Alan Billingsley